General Conference : General Womens Session

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every 6 months, the church holds a ‘General Conference‘ for a weekend. This conference is a time when everyone can gather together to listen to messages inspired by God (it is also available to watch on TV or online on We learn new things, remember important lessons, feel inspired, and feel ready to take on the world and the trials in our lives.

Tonight was a special session targeted toward women- don’t worry guys, you get a session to yourself as well- although, anyone can watch them when they choose. Next weekend, the main sessions of General Conference will be taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am fortunate enough to live in Utah so I am able to easily attend. My parents are also coming into town. So, not only do I get to attend such an inspired meeting and hear the words of God, I also get to go with my husband and my awesome parents! I love my family!

I just wanted to share one of my favorite topics from tonights session. As a Mormon, I believe that we are all Sons and Daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, who wants us to have happiness.One of the speakers tonight was Rosemary M. Wixom and she spoke of our Divine Nature. We must never doubt who we are as children of God. One thing she said that stood out to me was “I am a Child of God, therefore: what?” We are children of God! So, what does that mean for us? It means we have access to all the promised blessings from Heavenly Father. It also means we have responsibilities to live righteously and worthily of these blessings. We must serve others, be kind, pray often, and do all we can to be a little better all the time. This talk was definitely something I needed to hear.

I cannot wait to hear the rest of General Conference next weekend. If you want to watch, read, or be able to get updates on things said go here.



6 / 27 / 2015

June 27th 2015 was the best day ever.

It was the day I married the love of my life- Wesley



We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles, California Temple. To find out more about families being together forever and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints go here.


We got our pictures back a few weeks ago and I have been obsessed with them. I use to be so annoyed with people who talked about their weddings and posted wedding pictures months after the actual event. Now, I think I am one of those people. All I want to do is post pictures of us and talk about it to everyone I meet. Sorry if that’s all I talk about when I see you! I figure the best way to remedy this would be to just post it all here and that way whoever wants to read about it can and I won’t annoy as many people (hopefully!)



The girls in my family cannot take a normal picture. We are a weird people.


After the ceremony, we had the reception in my parents backyard in Huntington Beach. We wanted it to be simple, informal, and feel more like a hang out with our friends and family.

It was absolutely perfect and I will post pictures from the reception soon! For now, here are some beauties from the best day ever…



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1989 World Tour

This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to go see Taylor Swift in concert for her 1989 World Tour!


A friend of mine texted me the week before and asked if I had any plans that Friday night, I said I didn’t have plans, and she invited me to go see Taylor Swift with her.

In the pit.

Close enough to touch her.


FullSizeRender (4)

It really was an amazing concert. She sang the songs from her newest album- 1989- as well as a few of her older, popular songs. Just to name a couple: Love Story and You Belong With Me. She also did new versions of older songs. These included a darker version of I Knew You Were Trouble, a rock version of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and a mash up of Enchanted and Wildest Dreams.

The show was entertaining with these new versions of old favorites, several costume changes, videos to keep us entertained when she wasn’t on stage, and every single person was given a bracelet which lit up and synced with the music. Taylor Swift later told us this was so she could see each and every one of us. She said if we were in the back and felt like she wouldn’t even notice us, we were wrong because she could see everyone and she thought about each of us.

Dang she is good at making you fall in love with her.

And it worked. I like her so much more after seeing her in concert. Awesome job, Taylor.

IMG_9331 IMG_9369

~ M