the most romantic time of year

I have loved Halloween as long as I can remember.

I just think it’s the funnest, awesomest, best holiday ever and I look forward to it every year. I also think Halloween is the most romantic holiday and every year I get super cheesy and want to spend the whole day with my husband.

Flashback Halloween night 2012.


Wesley and I had been hanging out for a few months and although I was too scared to admit it- I was falling in love with him. I always wanted to be with him so of course, I wanted to do something fun with him on Halloween. We went to Queen Mary: Dark Harbor in Long Beach, California. This was the first year we had been and we were having a blast going through the mazes and getting scared.

At 11:11 we were waiting in line to go through another maze. I turned to Wesley and said “it’s 11:11- you have to make a wish!” He shut his eyes super tight and made a wish. Immediately afterwards I started bugging him, wanting to know what his wish was. I even tried bargaining- telling him I would say what my wish was.

After 5 or 10 minutes of bothering him, he pulled me close and whispered in my ear “I wished we would be together forever.” I stood there shocked, with a stupid smile on my face. No one had ever said something like that to me. I had serious boyfriends in the past but they would never say something so sweet or something that would leave them so vulnerable. But Wesley was real. He was genuine. And it took me by surprise. I had no idea what to say so I just stood there smiling at him. He held me and asked “What did you wish for?” I smiled bigger and said “I wished you would tell me what you wished for.”


Versatile Blogger

Hey everyone! Shoutout to Claire from wanderings (and wonderings)! She recently nominated me and Wesley for the Versatile Blogger Award- Thanks, Claire! Part of this award is that we need to share 7 facts about ourselves so stick around to learn some interesting and maybe not-so-interesting things…

  • I have never broken a bone in my life. I have dislocated my kneecap a couple times and tore some ligaments in my knee- but no broken bones! 22 years strong!
  • Wesley served a religious mission in Argentina so now he speaks spanish to me (which I don’t really understand) and we drink mate.
  • Wesley loves cars. Like a lot. His first car was a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle that he restored, while he was in high school, with his pops. Her name was Sheila. I will never forget the day he told me he loved me more than he loved Sheila… it was a beautiful thing.
  • I love dancing. I have probably done every type of dance you can think of… almost… Jazz, tap, hip-hop, hula, irish dancing, and my favorite has for sure been ballet.
  • We are nerds for a lot of different fandoms- we have a corner of our family room that is dedicated to a few favorites. It includes a light saber (star wars), a sonic screwdriver (doctor who), a battle axe (medieval times), a pokeball (pokemon), and a ghost (destiny).
  • On my resume, my name is written at the very top in big pink letters. Some might say it’s unprofessional. I say it stands out froma  boring pile of papers that all look the same and it hasn’t let me down yet!
  • Wesley and I are both pretty creative, but he is definitely more than I am. Normally when we get gifts for one another, we end up painting something for the other person. The pictures hanging in our bedroom are pictures we have painted for each other. And almost every single picture in our family room was done by Wesley.


Alright, for the Versatile Blogger Award:

If you are nominated, you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. You should:

Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to his or her blog.

Select fifteen (15) blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered and/or follow regularly. (Choose blogs you find excellent!)

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Finally, don’t forget to tell the person who nominated you seven (7) things about yourself.

Okay. Now to pick the lucky 15 bloggers who get to share some fun things about themselves:

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Again, thanks Claire for the awesome nomination and I am excited to see what others share!


My Number One Rule For Cleaning

As some of you may know, my parents were in town a couple weeks ago for General Conference. I don’t know about you, but when my parents say they are coming to see me, my very first thought is ‘oh my gosh, my apartment is a mess- I have to clean’. Maybe your apartment is always spotless (if it is, please tell me how you do that). If you’re not quite that tidy I have one major tip to share which I have learned over the years:

Always clean your bedroom first.

I know, I know- your guests aren’t even going to see your bedroom so why would you worry about that first when there is so much more to do? Because you see your bedroom and it can be the most important room in your house. How often do we get the rest of the home looking beautiful and then leave our bedroom looking neglected? Or maybe your bedroom becomes a catch-all for when you’re cleaning the rest of the house. Somehow, the little stuff from everywhere else gets put into the bedroom- that’s good news for the family room but bad news bears for the bedroom.

Having a clean bedroom can help you sleep better, feel more peaceful, creative, and motivated. That means cleaning your bedroom first can help give you that extra push to get the rest of your home clean! Here are some tips to help you start making your bedroom the sanctuary it can be.

IMG_95001. Make your bed first

If you make your bed first, you are more likely to finish cleaning. This is because your bed is so noticeable- when you see how nice it looks, you will feel more inclined to get the rest of your bedroom looking that nice.

2. Put all those clothes away

For me, most of the mess in my bedroom ends up being just clothes lying around. Fold what needs to be folded. Hang up what needs to be hung up. Keeping your bras hung up on the bed post does not count as clean (guilty).

3. Clear off surfaces

Yes, your make up being displayed on your dresser does look super cool. But, it also makes your dresser look super cluttered. Get all your surfaces organized, put things away that can be, and then dust everything to make it look spotless.

4. Storage

Storage is your best friend. This is how you’re going to keep your bedroom looking clean. There is storage for every space you can think of- under your sink, in your dresser drawer, in your closet, under your bed… you get the picture. You can find it cheap at pretty much any store and you can customize your storage to fit your individual needs!

Now that your bedroom is clean- go tackle the rest of the house!


General Conference : October 2015

Hey everyone- Wesley here and me starting to post on here is a little late. But, better late than never, right? I can think of no better first post than to share my love of the gospel of Jesus Christ and talk about General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

FullSizeRender (5)

My wife gave a little background of General Conference in her post last week so I’m just going to get straight into it. I always look forward to hearing Elder Bednar, Elder Holland, and President Monson speak. However, my favorite speakers change all the time. This conference, I loved listening to President Eyring speak. He always gives the impression like he is talking directly to you in a normal conversation, instead of giving a talk to millions of people.

One of my favorite parts of any talk is when the speaker tells stories. Of course, there are a lot of important parts of a talk- I just love hearing stories and then hearing the speaker connect it to a life lesson or important principle. This is another reason I have loved listing to President Eyring lately. He always shares stories from his life and he speaks with so much emotion- it’s enlightening.


I hope everyone had an awesome time at conference! If you missed any of it or want to check it out for the first time, go here!

  • – W