My Number One Rule For Cleaning

As some of you may know, my parents were in town a couple weeks ago for General Conference. I don’t know about you, but when my parents say they are coming to see me, my very first thought is ‘oh my gosh, my apartment is a mess- I have to clean’. Maybe your apartment is always spotless (if it is, please tell me how you do that). If you’re not quite that tidy I have one major tip to share which I have learned over the years:

Always clean your bedroom first.

I know, I know- your guests aren’t even going to see your bedroom so why would you worry about that first when there is so much more to do? Because you see your bedroom and it can be the most important room in your house. How often do we get the rest of the home looking beautiful and then leave our bedroom looking neglected? Or maybe your bedroom becomes a catch-all for when you’re cleaning the rest of the house. Somehow, the little stuff from everywhere else gets put into the bedroom- that’s good news for the family room but bad news bears for the bedroom.

Having a clean bedroom can help you sleep better, feel more peaceful, creative, and motivated. That means cleaning your bedroom first can help give you that extra push to get the rest of your home clean! Here are some tips to help you start making your bedroom the sanctuary it can be.

IMG_95001. Make your bed first

If you make your bed first, you are more likely to finish cleaning. This is because your bed is so noticeable- when you see how nice it looks, you will feel more inclined to get the rest of your bedroom looking that nice.

2. Put all those clothes away

For me, most of the mess in my bedroom ends up being just clothes lying around. Fold what needs to be folded. Hang up what needs to be hung up. Keeping your bras hung up on the bed post does not count as clean (guilty).

3. Clear off surfaces

Yes, your make up being displayed on your dresser does look super cool. But, it also makes your dresser look super cluttered. Get all your surfaces organized, put things away that can be, and then dust everything to make it look spotless.

4. Storage

Storage is your best friend. This is how you’re going to keep your bedroom looking clean. There is storage for every space you can think of- under your sink, in your dresser drawer, in your closet, under your bed… you get the picture. You can find it cheap at pretty much any store and you can customize your storage to fit your individual needs!

Now that your bedroom is clean- go tackle the rest of the house!



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