It’s Pretty Great (Salt Lake)

The Great Salt Lake…



Wesley and I had never been to Salt Lake. We go to Salt Lake City all the time. But, for some reason, we never got to the actual lake. Until now.

We decided in the morning that we wanted to go. We love going on adventures and going on drives and realized this was an adventure we had never been on but was totally do-able. We looked up a place along the south shore we could drive to and hang out and found this place called Black Rock. We decided that would be our destination at Salt Lake.

When we decided to go, we also thought it would be fun to pack a picnic for lunch and eat there. It was so perfect- I felt like I was in a movie.

When we pulled up, it was so serene and peaceful. There was only a man with his dog. The dog was super friendly and the man was just sitting on a rock playing the flute. We walked around the shore and then had lunch in the back of the car with the back door open, facing the lake.


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You’re The Best

For as long as I can remember I have liked taking those fun personality tests. You know what I’m talking about- you answer a few questions about yourself and some “algorithm” tells you what your personality type is. There are lots out there. The other day, a friend of mine showed me one telling me how crazy accurate it was and I thought ‘Sweet! I haven’t taken one in a while! Can’t wait to take it!’ And it’s true. It has been years since I took one of these so I went to the website and started rating how likely I am to do different things. By the time I got a few questions in, I started getting frustrated. I know that sounds silly but I’m being for real! Do I have a lot of acquaintances? I usually consider people friends but I suppose I do not know them as well… Is it difficult to get me excited? I mean usually it’s pretty easy but sometimes I am not in a good mood and would rather just chill. Eventually, I turned to my husband with a little whine in my voice and said “Babe! Would I rather read a book or go to a party? It depends on my mood! I just don’t know!”

“Would you listen to what you just said? Why are you trying to categorize yourself into some silly personality type? You’re you. You don’t need to take a test and have it try to guess what you are like. You’re amazing and kind and caring and compassionate and you cant be fit into a box of a specific personality type- a test cant know you personally. You’re you and that’s the best.”

I use to think these tests could help me understand myself better. For some, that may be true. But, for me, a test cannot help me know myself better. Life, loved ones, myself, and experiences help me understand myself and learn myself better.

So, after a whole lifetime of trying to fit my personality traits into a test- it only took 30 seconds to be told I could never fit myself into this specific box. And it was one of the happiest 30 seconds of my life. As strange as it sounds, it was like a relief- knowing that I didn’t have to live up to whatever this test told me. That I could be whoever I want. If I want to read a book, I can; if I want to go to a party, I can. It is up to me. You are not the results of a test and you cannot be defined by a few sentences. You’re you and that’s the best.

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