You’re The Best

For as long as I can remember I have liked taking those fun personality tests. You know what I’m talking about- you answer a few questions about yourself and some “algorithm” tells you what your personality type is. There are lots out there. The other day, a friend of mine showed me one telling me how crazy accurate it was and I thought ‘Sweet! I haven’t taken one in a while! Can’t wait to take it!’ And it’s true. It has been years since I took one of these so I went to the website and started rating how likely I am to do different things. By the time I got a few questions in, I started getting frustrated. I know that sounds silly but I’m being for real! Do I have a lot of acquaintances? I usually consider people friends but I suppose I do not know them as well… Is it difficult to get me excited? I mean usually it’s pretty easy but sometimes I am not in a good mood and would rather just chill. Eventually, I turned to my husband with a little whine in my voice and said “Babe! Would I rather read a book or go to a party? It depends on my mood! I just don’t know!”

“Would you listen to what you just said? Why are you trying to categorize yourself into some silly personality type? You’re you. You don’t need to take a test and have it try to guess what you are like. You’re amazing and kind and caring and compassionate and you cant be fit into a box of a specific personality type- a test cant know you personally. You’re you and that’s the best.”

I use to think these tests could help me understand myself better. For some, that may be true. But, for me, a test cannot help me know myself better. Life, loved ones, myself, and experiences help me understand myself and learn myself better.

So, after a whole lifetime of trying to fit my personality traits into a test- it only took 30 seconds to be told I could never fit myself into this specific box. And it was one of the happiest 30 seconds of my life. As strange as it sounds, it was like a relief- knowing that I didn’t have to live up to whatever this test told me. That I could be whoever I want. If I want to read a book, I can; if I want to go to a party, I can. It is up to me. You are not the results of a test and you cannot be defined by a few sentences. You’re you and that’s the best.

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