2015 : Year in Review (part 1)

It’s 2016! Normally at the end of the year, I am so ready for the year to be over and beyond excited for a brand new year. Although I am excited for 2016 and the adventures that await, I gotta be honest- 2015 was awesome and I am going to miss it.

I thought my first couple posts of the year would be a review of 2015 and then I could do a post of goals for 2016! So without any further ado…

~ 2015 Year in Review ~

January thru May


January – This was the first New Years I ever spent alone. And I mean like actually alone. I rang in the New Years sitting on my couch, watching Once Upon a Time, and drinking a giant soda. I was away from family and I lived in a college town so all my roommates/friends were back in their hometowns. I spent the next few days alone completely ‘cleansing’ myself. I did yoga, threw away junk, cleaned and organized my space, and made goals for the year. It was a good start to the year.


February – Babe drove from California to Utah to visit me for our first Valentines Day together (we had dated for years but always happened to be apart on February 14th). AND we had not seen each other in a year because I moved to Utah and then he went on a religious mission. So this was like the best Valentines Day!

March – My friend loves videography and she got a sweet job doing a marketing video for a kid’s clothing company. It was such a blast helping her out with the video and making sure the kids were happy.


April – the love of my life moved to Utah and then asked me to be his wife. April was full of planning and getting work off for the California Wedding and road trip honeymoon.


May – London and Paris. Dream come true.


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