the smell of books and perfect eyeliner

Last week was a really long, frustrating week. So, on Saturday night, I decided to take a hot bubble bath and read a book (yes- I am one of those people and it was sooo relaxing). Currently, I am reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen so I grabbed that book and got into my luxurious tub. I was so happy! And then for some reason I decided to bring that book right up to my face and just take in how perfect this moment was. While I was doing this- and being the weirdest person in the world- I was thinking how much I love the smell of books. It’s just one of those small things that puts a smile on your face, you know?

This made me think how many other little things there are in the world that seem like such big things to us:

When you get you winged eyeliner just perfect

Squishing your toes into wet sand on the beach

Really soft blankets

A cup of hot chocolate

Laughing with your best friend

When the cookies you bake turn out delicious

When the cookies you bake suck and you can just laugh it off

Crossing things off your to-do list

Seriously, I could go on forever. Life is so full of these little moments that help us get through the harder times- the little things that make the big difference. After thinking about all this, I decided to add something else to my list of 2016 Goals:

Remember all the good moments, happy accidents, small victories, and the little things that get messed up but it works out anyway. Remember how wonderful books smell and how great it feels when you do your eyeliner perfectly.


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