Valentine’s Day

For those of you that have been here a few months, you know I love Halloween. It is tied for my favorite holiday with Valentine’s Day. In case you haven’t already- go check out the guest post from last week about fun date night ideas. Because even though Valentine’s Day is over, it is never a bad time for a fun date!

Wesley and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday and it was our first V Day as a married couple.

 I went out to brunch with some girlfriends in the morning at Mimi’s Cafe. I got a strawberry banana nutella crepe- Yeah, it was delicious. So, I wanted to get the ladies each a valentine. However, I didn’t want to spend too much money and I didn’t want to get chocolate in case of diets, allergies, preferences, etc… I ended up going to Dollar Tree and getting them each a candle in a cute little jar. Tied up with some pink ribbon, it was the perfect gift and inexpensive!

FullSizeRender (15)

After brunch, I came home to find the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (I seriously love flowers. When I wasn’t in a relationship, I would just buy them for myself because I just love having flowers around the house). Wesley also got me a box of sugar cookies and a refillable mug from one of my favorite shops in Utah- Sodalicious.

Later in the day, we went to go see a movie and then got an early dinner at Station 22. This little cafe is probably my favorite place to go out to eat. I love the food and they have a huge selection of specialty sodas you can have! It was so fun to spend the day with my Wesley. We both work and he works Saturdays as well. Having a whole Saturday with him was so special and I loved celebrating one of my favorite holidays with my husband.


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