Earth Day : Am I Making A Difference?

I have been asking myself this a lot. “Am I making a difference?” “Does what I do matter?”.
Awhile ago, I noticed that I only used 1 paper towel to dry my hands after washing them. I do not know when I started doing this but I became conscience of the fact that I was doing it a few years ago. However, I did not really start wondering if I was actually making a difference until several months ago. Does it really matter if I am only using 1 paper towel? Am I really helping anything? I am just one person- I don’t think I can make a difference.
Then I went to school one day and my educator showed me this video…

So, I decided to crunch the numbers for my personally. Let’s say I wash my hands and use paper towels at work/school 5 times a day/5 days per week. If I were using 5 paper towels every time,in one week I would use 125 paper towels. That is 6,500 paper towels per year! (are you following this math?) Compare that to using 1 paper towel 5 times per day- 5 days per week. 25 per week and 1,300 per year! I am saving 5,200 paper towels every year! That is not even including going out to restaurants, or concerts, or anywhere else- just work.
I challenge you to do this for other things you do: do you pick up one soda can a week and drop it in a recycle bin? Well, you are recycling 52 cans a year! That is awesome! Do you go to the coffee shop every day before work and use a reusable cup? You are saving 260 cups a year! Seriously, anything you do can help- sometimes we just do not realize that every little thing can make a big difference.


One Year Ago


Yesterday was one year since my wonderful husband proposed to me. We were in Salt Lake City taking pictures and it was so hot outside so I kept complaining to go back inside for the air conditioning. When I asked if we were done yet, he said no and got down on one knee. I am so glad he is so patient with me, so sweet, so compassionate, and I am so happy he is mine forever!