Earth Day : Am I Making A Difference?

I have been asking myself this a lot. “Am I making a difference?” “Does what I do matter?”.
Awhile ago, I noticed that I only used 1 paper towel to dry my hands after washing them. I do not know when I started doing this but I became conscience of the fact that I was doing it a few years ago. However, I did not really start wondering if I was actually making a difference until several months ago. Does it really matter if I am only using 1 paper towel? Am I really helping anything? I am just one person- I don’t think I can make a difference.
Then I went to school one day and my educator showed me this video…

So, I decided to crunch the numbers for my personally. Let’s say I wash my hands and use paper towels at work/school 5 times a day/5 days per week. If I were using 5 paper towels every time,in one week I would use 125 paper towels. That is 6,500 paper towels per year! (are you following this math?) Compare that to using 1 paper towel 5 times per day- 5 days per week. 25 per week and 1,300 per year! I am saving 5,200 paper towels every year! That is not even including going out to restaurants, or concerts, or anywhere else- just work.
I challenge you to do this for other things you do: do you pick up one soda can a week and drop it in a recycle bin? Well, you are recycling 52 cans a year! That is awesome! Do you go to the coffee shop every day before work and use a reusable cup? You are saving 260 cups a year! Seriously, anything you do can help- sometimes we just do not realize that every little thing can make a big difference.


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