Sunday Adventures #2

Link to Youtube video here! —>

This week, we went to Nebo Loop for our Sunday Adventure. Nebo Loop is a scenic byway that you can access from Payson, Utah or Nephi, Utah.


Right now, It is closed a little bit in from Payson because of severe road damage. So, we did not get to drive too far in.

However, you can still hike around and it is simply beautiful right now! Where the road is closed is a lovely area where you can park and and have a picnic.


This drive is so fun and there is so much to do with the trails and camping areas.


1.) Bring a sweater or light jacket. A combination of the time of year and the environment of these mountains mean the weather can go from sunny to rainy in a couple minutes (see the video we posted for an example). It is best to be prepared with some warm clothing just in case!

2.) Wear the right shoes. Because the drive is closed, there is a lot of opportunity for walking around and hiking. Bring some hiking shoes because you will definitely want to stop along the way and take in the beautiful scenery!


Sunday Adventure #1

Wesley and I have wanted to start documenting all the fun adventures we go on here, in Utah. We both love taking pictures and we thought it would be fun to start taking videos as well!

We just posted our first video here—>

We went to Hobble Creek Canyon and it was so fun! We drove all the way through into Spanish Fork Canyon, made a couple stops, and had a good time with some friends.

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California: April 2016

For Wesley’s birthday, I surprised him with a trip to California. We are both from Orange County and his parents still live in Laguna so we were able to see family, friends, and have a great time for his birthday.

We went to Huntington Beach Pier, cruised down PCH, and we went to Glen Ivy Spa and Hot Springs– it was so relaxing and so fun! We both miss California, but, we are glad to be back home just the 2 of us.

*** couple tips for you!

1.) sign up for email updates from different airline companies. When they have deals on fares, they will email about it so you can know the best time to buy tickets!

2.) Don’t want to check a bag? Save space by packing items that can be worn multiple times in different ways or by packing mostly neutral colors.

3.) Trying to save money on food while on Vacation? Pick a couple places that you know for sure you want to eat at/spend your money at. Then, for other meals just go to a local grocery store and pick up cereal or sandwich items that you can keep in a hotel fridge.

Have fun!


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