Books that will make you feel awesome


I love reading. I love reading all different topics and genres of books. Recently, I have been really into motivational books that have just made me feel awesome. These “self help” books are becoming more and more popular especially as different authors are using more styles of writing to appeal to more people.

There are a couple books I have read recently that are so good- I just have to tell people about them! They are definitely books you should read if you want to feel awesome!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is the same author who wrote Eat Pray Love and this book does not disappoint. Gilbert writes all about finding your creativity and not caring about what others think about it.  This book really makes you feel like you can do anything with confidence. I liked it because it helped me feel good about doing what I enjoy doing. It also helped me realize I can always find time to do what I love.

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Whoa- okay- this book. First of all, Sincero does not mess around. If you are wasting time, lazy, or making excuses she will call you out. I liked it because it gives lots of tools and exercises to realize your passions, goals, and how to accomplish them. This is a book worth reading more than once and actually do what she talks about.

FullSizeRender (52)

Any motivational books that you love or have read recently? I would love to know more books that help you feel awesome!


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