Year Of Color: DIY Neon Wall Hanging

I love that macrame and wall hangings are making such a big comeback. I love this look and love how much fun they are to make! Not only are they fun to make, but also pretty easy. Here is a do-it-yourself to make your own little wall hanging.

Ice Cream Party

1. You can use any combination of yarns, fabric strips, colors, textures… pretty much- you have creative freedom when it comes to this DIY! I went with some bright, neon colors so I could give it to my little nieces for their room. You will also need a metal hoop; I used silver but craft stores usually have a few different colors to choose from. There is also a large selection on websites such as Amazon.


2. I decided to make tassels just to add a little something extra to my project. I make them by wrapping the yarn around my hand several times and then tying off one end to make the top of the tassel. After that, you just need to cut along the bottom to make the fringe!

3. Actually putting the yarn onto the hoop is pretty easy. After you decide the general length you want, you just double the yarn and make an over-under type of knot. Just pull until it’s tight! If the yarn lengths you different- that’s totally fine! You may like the look of the difference, or, you can always cut them all to be even at the end of your project.

There you go! What I love about making your own wall hanging is that they are so customizable. So, have some fun!

FullSizeRender (56)


8 thoughts on “Year Of Color: DIY Neon Wall Hanging

  1. I totally want to make one of these now! I want to do one with all neutral colors I think… thanks so much for the great tutorial!


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