The Homestead Crater : What To Expect

We finally went to The Homestead Crater!

This is something I have wanted to do since I moved to Utah a few years ago and I am so glad we finally got to go. The Homestead Crater is located at The Homestead Resort in Midway Utah- a cute little community nestled in the mountains. From the outside, the crater looks like a hill or a small volcano. A small tunnel takes you to the center where you can swim in some amazing hot springs.


Since I had never been before, I did not know what to expect and was shocked by some of the different things at the resort and the crater. Here are some things to keep in mind before you go!

– You must make reservations ahead of time. The hot springs are a popular place and reservations are required in advance to check them out. These reservations are at a specific time so make sure you get to the resort at your scheduled reservation time

–  Since you have a specific time to be there, you only have a certain amount of time to enjoy the hot springs. Your reservation is for about an hour including changing time. This means they allow about 40 minutes for actually being in the hot springs.

– You must wear a life vest. Unless you are going there to scuba dive (yeah- you can go scuba diving if you are certified or taking the certification lessons there), you have to wear a life vest the entire time you are in the hot springs. You can rent snorkeling equipment for an additional cost which is cool. However, don’t think you can go swimming around under water while you’re here.

– You will not be the only ones there. Unless you bring a large enough group to block out the entire hour or you go during a time that is not busy at all- there will be other people there. AND there is not an age limit for the crater so there may be lots of little kids there with you. If you are looking for some alone time or quiet time, this may not be the place for you.

I thought going to the crater was a cool experience and I am glad we got to do it. However, I am not sure if it is something I would do again any time soon. There were a few too many rules to fully enjoy the hot springs in the Crater. I can’t wait to go to more hot springs here in Utah!



Sunday Adventure #3

Link to Sunday Adventures #3 here —>

For our latest Sunday Adventure, Wesley and I drove the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. It is my favorite drive and definitely my happy place. IMG_0831

Alpine Loop connects American Fork Canyon and Provo Canyon. It goes by Sundance Resort, past beautiful rivers and aspen groves, and has amazing campgrounds. You can go hiking, mountain biking, and spend an amazing time with your friends, family, and pets!

Alpine Loop is beautiful and I definitely recommend it to everyone!


Sunday Adventures #2

Link to Youtube video here! —>

This week, we went to Nebo Loop for our Sunday Adventure. Nebo Loop is a scenic byway that you can access from Payson, Utah or Nephi, Utah.


Right now, It is closed a little bit in from Payson because of severe road damage. So, we did not get to drive too far in.

However, you can still hike around and it is simply beautiful right now! Where the road is closed is a lovely area where you can park and and have a picnic.


This drive is so fun and there is so much to do with the trails and camping areas.


1.) Bring a sweater or light jacket. A combination of the time of year and the environment of these mountains mean the weather can go from sunny to rainy in a couple minutes (see the video we posted for an example). It is best to be prepared with some warm clothing just in case!

2.) Wear the right shoes. Because the drive is closed, there is a lot of opportunity for walking around and hiking. Bring some hiking shoes because you will definitely want to stop along the way and take in the beautiful scenery!

Sunday Adventure #1

Wesley and I have wanted to start documenting all the fun adventures we go on here, in Utah. We both love taking pictures and we thought it would be fun to start taking videos as well!

We just posted our first video here—>

We went to Hobble Creek Canyon and it was so fun! We drove all the way through into Spanish Fork Canyon, made a couple stops, and had a good time with some friends.

FullSizeRender (19)

2016 Goals and Bucket List

So for 2016, I couldn’t think of one specific resolution I wanted to make (I’m bad at picking just one thing). So, instead, I made a Bucket List of things I want to do this year and a list of personal goals I want to accomplish. *Note* List is subject to be added to.

Bucket List

Zipline! (probably Sundance Resort in Utah but I won’t be too picky!)

Hike Mt. Timpanogos

Visit Timpanogos Cave (this is different from the one above)

Visit the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah

Go to a National Park

See a play, musical, concert, or ballet


Be more diligent about writing in my journal

Create something

Learn a language

Read the Book of Mormon (again!)

Read 3 church-related/spiritual books

Try something new!


Also, take more pictures like this!