Master Esthetician

As of last month, I am officially a licensed Master Esthetician in the state of Utah!


I honestly can’t believe it. Before I started my education in esthetics, I had attended 4 different colleges (2 community colleges and 2 universities). I had changed my major 4 times and was about to change it again. I was interested in a lot of different things; For some reason, nothing I did felt like something I could be excited about learning for the rest of my life.

One day, I decided to make a list of everything I enjoyed learning about, reading about- stuff I never got tired of. No matter how silly it was, I wrote it down. Believe me, there were some really weird things on that list. At the very top of that list was skin care. I had loved skin care for a long time but never associated it with a career. I had grown up with this vision in my head that I needed t go to a University. I had to get a well rounded education and a degree I could do anything with. While I was so focused on that, I never took the time to think if that was the right path for me.

I love esthetics and I loved my education at the Aveda Institute in Provo, Utah. I am also so grateful I have been able to remain in the Aveda network, as now I am working at an Aveda spa and salon.

Everyone has a different path. This was right for me and I am so glad I realized that. Thank you to everyone who supported me, let me ramble on about the skin, helped me pass my state tests, and everyone who loved me and was patient with me this year.

I love you all!


Memories From 2016

What an amazing year 2016 was!


As I look back on this year, I am filled with so much gratitude and happiness. Wesley and I were able to explore so much of our beautiful state of Utah- from waterfalls and lakes to forests and views. We love this amazing place we live in; We were even able to buy our first home together here!

I graduated as a Master Esthetician from the Aveda Institute in Provo. It was an amazing education and I love having a career where I am continuously learning. I feel so blessed to work in a field where I feel I can help people.

Wesley and I are so excited for the adventures to come in 2017!

Future Esthetician

IMG_0334 (1)

I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life!

After being in school for 4 years and changing my major just as many times, I had my Associate’s Degree and no idea what I really wanted to do for school. I had a lot of different interests but every time I changed my major to try something out, I ended up frustrated and changing my major again. Last year, I was telling Wesley that I was thinking about changing my major again and he told me ‘This is it. Every time you change your major you have to pretty much start over with your classes. Whatever you pick next, you have to stick with.’

So, after that, I started thinking about all the things I enjoy continuously learning about. What kinds of things do I like that I had not thought of doing before? I kept coming back to skin care. I have always loved skin care and it is something that I enjoy learning about.

Why had I not thought of this before??

Of course I should be an esthetician! It is a job I could do anywhere, I can learn new things all the time, and I could go so many different directions- I could work in the spa industry or the medical field or work in education etc… So yeah. I am so excited to start school NEXT WEEK! And I am so thankful that I can start my education at Aveda Institute!

I just took 2 finals and I loved them

Why we need to re-think how we take tests.

I took a total of 4 finals this semester (I was supposed to take a fifth one for my math class but we won’t talk about that right now). Two of my finals were wonderful, I loved taking them, and really felt like I learned something. I am not the biggest fan of tests. Mainly because I don’t think students truly get something out of certain types of tests. Instead of critically thinking, learning, and actually enjoying the subject, we sit at a desk and stressfully try to regurgitate what has been shoved into our heads for months (emphasize on the word stressfully).

Do I think testing students on a subject manner is bad? No, not necessarily- there has to be some kind of way to see if students have been learning throughout the class. However, I do think there are different ways of doing this besides a a usual, formal test; like how a couple of  my professors gave finals this semester.


My geology teacher did a test like a normal final. However, he also offered the option of writing a short research paper about a topic covered in class. Sure, there was still a test to be taken. Then there was also an option to write a paper if there were students who did not test well or who were better at focusing on one subject for a final instead of 100 questions about different material. I thought providing these two options was awesome! There are some subjects I can do homework for but just cannot take a test for the life of me (math) so I understand why some people chose the research paper instead of taking a test.


This class was weird. Looking back it made sense. But, while the class was going on- it was weird. My teacher had an amazing, although unusual, teaching style to talk about different view points. Every time we covered a different world view, he would adopt a character who had that world view. One week, he portrayed the world views of a Catholic Christian and the next week he was an Agnostic Naturalist. He played these different characters so well, I still have no idea what his actual world view is. He decided to give us a take home final. You read that right. He posted a 15 question final online and we had to answer it, give examples of each world view, and then come to class where he would go over it with us and give us a bonus question. Sure, people could have just google-ed the answers and received a perfect score. Honestly though, I don’t think that was the point. What the best part was being in class going over our answers with 45 other people. Everyone was giving their examples and discussing why that made sense to them and why they felt like it was important. Everyone was sharing their world views and because we were correcting a test, we were open minded to everyone else’s ideas and what they were sharing.

While I understand that we need to have some way to make sure students have learned, I do not understand why we have to test people the exact same way. Everyone is different. Everyone has different learning styles and testing abilities. So why not try to think outside the box and help students to truly learn? School should not be about stressing out over a test that is worth half your grade. It should be about enjoying the learning process.