Valentine’s Day : Activities For The Whole Day


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I love this holiday! It is tied with Halloween for my favorite. Sometimes, you get to spend the entire day with your loved one for Valentine’s Day- other times, you may only get a couple hours to grab some breakfast or a drink before needing to do other things.
So, I wanted to give a few different ideas for the whole day that you can use together or just one idea for whatever you may have time for!


8:30 AM – Treat yourself to donuts. Chances are your local donut places also has milk, chocolate milk, or coffee. Start your day with a yummy, sugary treat. If all you have is the morning together on Valentine’s Day, then this is a fun thing to do because you get some time to yourself while eating a delicious (although fattening) breakfast.


1:00 PM – If you get to leave work early and you and your honey love relaxing together, why not get a couple’s massage? These tend to book out quickly for Valentine’s Day (I know this firsthand because I work in a spa). But, if you book your appointment in advance and try a few different places, you should be just fine! Couple’s massages are so intimate and relaxing and several places offer lots of specials to make this special date even more special.


5:30 PM – Watch the sunset. Whether you have a picnic in the last light of the day, or catch the last bit of light and then go stargazing- watching the sunset is very romantic. This date idea also doesn’t cost anything! So go find a tall building or a mountain top this Valentine’s Day.


8:00 PM – Now you have had a long day of either needing to be at work, taking care of kids, or spending a lovely day with your sweetheart. No matter how your day has been, you’re probably ready for a drink. I am not sure what this may mean to you- to me, it means soda or hot chocolate. There is this adorable place by where we live called Pop N’ Sweets. They have candy, chocolate, and soda from all over the world! They even have a cute little hot chocolate bar. When Wesley and I went, I got dark hot chocolate and he got… ButterBeer! I know… I know… way cool.

Whether you have an early breakfast, a nightcap, or all of the above with your love- I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day

For those of you that have been here a few months, you know I love Halloween. It is tied for my favorite holiday with Valentine’s Day. In case you haven’t already- go check out the guest post from last week about fun date night ideas. Because even though Valentine’s Day is over, it is never a bad time for a fun date!

Wesley and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday and it was our first V Day as a married couple.

 I went out to brunch with some girlfriends in the morning at Mimi’s Cafe. I got a strawberry banana nutella crepe- Yeah, it was delicious. So, I wanted to get the ladies each a valentine. However, I didn’t want to spend too much money and I didn’t want to get chocolate in case of diets, allergies, preferences, etc… I ended up going to Dollar Tree and getting them each a candle in a cute little jar. Tied up with some pink ribbon, it was the perfect gift and inexpensive!

FullSizeRender (15)

After brunch, I came home to find the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (I seriously love flowers. When I wasn’t in a relationship, I would just buy them for myself because I just love having flowers around the house). Wesley also got me a box of sugar cookies and a refillable mug from one of my favorite shops in Utah- Sodalicious.

Later in the day, we went to go see a movie and then got an early dinner at Station 22. This little cafe is probably my favorite place to go out to eat. I love the food and they have a huge selection of specialty sodas you can have! It was so fun to spend the day with my Wesley. We both work and he works Saturdays as well. Having a whole Saturday with him was so special and I loved celebrating one of my favorite holidays with my husband.

Guest Post : unique and budget friendly date nights

Hi Deer and Daisy readers, I am so excited to be guest posting today! My name is Justine and I blog over at Little Dove Creations, a diy/lifestyle blog that I’ve been working at for over 5 years now! I am a wife and mom to four little mess-makers under the age of six. My husband Mike and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and we now call northern California our home. Oh yeah, and Michaela is my little sister. 😉

My husband and I are big believers in the importance of continuing to date after you’re married. Whether you’re newlywed, trying to adjust to “you” becoming “we”, or married with several kiddos underfoot, it’s so important to take some time with the two of you, I think it helps you to continue to grow together as a couple. Let’s face it though, as much as I love sitting at home in my pajamas watching Netflix (and I really do), that can get old eventually and it’s good to switch things up and actually go out once in awhile. However, things like bills and student loans can loom and make date nights few and far between, especially when you have to start paying for babysitters too.

Here are a few ideas for some unique (you won’t find Redbox on this list, though we love that too!) and budget-friendly (think $10 or less) date nights that I hope you and your sweetheart enjoy!

Have a “Soda” Tasting

Budget: $10

There are two different ways that this date can work.

The first is to go to a specialty beverage shop like Bev-Mo, armed with you $10 budget and purchase some soda flavors you’ve never tried before. Maybe some Key Lime or Praline Cream? Be adventurous! Depending on the flavors you choose you should be able to get 3-5 sodas. Take them home and sip them while discussing them, if you don’t know anything about  wine tastings (I definitely don’t), //here// is a handy guide of wine tasting terms! Have fun with it and be goofy!

The other way you can do this is by going to a fast food place that sells sodas with mix-ins, like a Sonic or Sodalicious. Each of you can order one or two drinks that you’ve never tried before and share.

“Iron Chef” Competition

Budget: $0

I called this a competition, but really it’s more of a collaboration. Flip a coin to see which of you is in charge of making dinner, and which is in charge of making dessert. Then, the other person gets to pick your secret ingredient (so you both won’t actually have the same one). Keep in mind you don’t want to be too “out there” because this will be the meal for both of you that evening!

Write Your Love Story

Budget: $0-$10

This date night is free if you have it at home, but if you decide to hold it at your favorite coffee shop or ice cream place and enjoy a little treat while you write then give yourself a $10 budget.  The only supplies you’ll need is some paper and writing instruments. Decide on a time limit, anywhere from 5-15 minutes, and each of you write about a romantic moment between the two of you from you own perspective… not that type of romantic moment! Decide before hand if you want to write about how you first met, or when you first kissed, or maybe getting ready the morning of your wedding.  The idea for this date came about because my husband and I always remember different details when people ask how we met or how he proposed, so it’s fun to hear what the other person was thinking, or what stuck out in their mind. You might be surprised!

I hope y’all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend and enjoy spending some time with your sweetheart! You can find me on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and of course, my blog. Stop by and let me know if you tried out any of these dates!